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I am Brett Topovski

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Specializing in Providing Expert SEO Consultant Related Tasks for Major Online Business and Web Based Companies, is What I Do Best.

"I do not try to impress with just simple words alone, I tend to allow my personal work to speak for itself."

Superb Search Engine Optimized Website Development

Within a few moments of your time, I can show you that I know what it takes to “turn the key” that will turn simple “visions” into successful ideas. 

High-End Interactive Creative Web Design

With a keen eye, most people may be able to notice that I’m really much more than just an over qualified search engine optimization specialist. 


I can show you living proof that real passion does lead to successful visions, driven to perform with excitement, that is sure to make a long lasting positive impression!! I realize that everything starts with a just simple thought, it’s up to us where we take it from there.

Brett Topovski – SEO Expert

My Personal Experience and Other Areas of Expertise

My quality standards are set above most, along with my ability to consistently provide very useful technical expertise and advice. My undeniable dedication to quality over quantity, is normally in-line with the expectation of those whom I work for.

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Responsive Layout

When needed I create fully optimized websites as well as re-design websites and graphics, that will look great on any screen size or device.

SEO With User Interaction

Developing new concepts, designing custom layouts that are truly creative unique SEO ideas, that also provide means of additional user interaction when needed.

GEO-Location SEO

I am able to translate the ideas and visions that I’m provided with and transform them in to SEO concepts that provides many purposeful benefits .

Smart Organization and Communication Ideas

Maximizing productivity for myself and others is always a top priority, but not at the cost of having to think about compromising quality factors. I Constantly Keep My Eyes Open To New Ideas That Will Help Me Refine This Concept…”  


A Few Random Examples of My Personal Work

I believe that my personal past experiences truly speaks in volumes for itself. Please feel free to browse a few selected samples of my recent work related to web design, client projects, custom graphics, web designs below, that were all created as a part of my SEO work for client projects and unique requests.

Art Version
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Senior Benefits Life
  • I undeniably owe a huge thanks to my clients, that made the “right decisions,” by allowing me to help their businesses continue to be profitable and successful.

    Brett Topovski
  • I also need to give credit to my friends and family for supporting me, and allowing my creativity to flourish, giving me the opportunity to truly seek out the career dreams of my future!

    A Much Deserved Special Thanks

I Believe That Success Is My Only Option

I believe that a diverse range of personal skills truly helps me to bring creative ideas, thoughts, and successful visions to the table for many people, businesses, and their websites.



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“In humble honestly; I know that all of my many years of hard work has paid off.. I’m very grateful, for the blessings i’ve received from God!  As believe that the leading search engine in the World,  Google by far, has rightfully “ranked” and listed me (my personal website) as one of the leading SEO Experts in the world.”


Please contact me directly to request additional live examples of my SEO work or websites that I personally developed or redesigned  for recent SEO clients.


What I am best at

Each completed project makes gives me a new chance to make someones dreams a reality, providing even more experience and wisdom for the next requested project. I'm able to handle requested tasks on my own as needed, or I can deliver as called upon, when I'm needed to work as a part of any team, to assist with providing better user experience for not only human visitors, but I always consider all details needed for the important unseen non-human visitors, like GoogleBot.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization
Increasing Organic Traffic
Relevant Keyword Research
Following Google's Trends
Proper Link Development
Unique Content Development
Unique Ideas
Custom Website Development
Creative Design
Adobe Photoshop

Your Business Could Hire A SEO Expert “Full-Time” Now!

I'm Brett Topovski, a creative SEO expert consultant with exceptional web development standards! Specializing in SEO web design and development of new creative graphics for websites and for print, using refined creative concepts, that I have been developing from my over 15 years of experience using Adobe Photoshop and other related Adobe Creative Suite Products.

Yes, I use well understood, time tested, and well refined concepts, which will help generate free targeted organic traffic from Google and other major search engines quickly!

I’m Brett Topovski, SEO Expert, a 35 year old male from the US, in Wooster, Ohio. I am an experenced creative graphic designer, web developer, and Google SEO page ranking specialist, with well over 10 years of SEO experience, including content development and website process related management skills. As a part of providing SEO consulting services, I create a detailed list that will outline changes and SEO related recommendations to help get textual web content optimized properly for standards outlines by Google and other major search engines.

Using many well developed refined process and creative SEO concepts, along with the personal wisdom required for mastering processes involved with getting websites properly indexed at Google, I am able to get “better results” in less time than most people tend to expect.



View my “paper resume” online now by clicking the button provided above, which will open in a new window as a PDF file, for your viewing pleasure. Learn more about my background in search engine optimization, advertising, marketing, internet technology, print design, and learn about major clients that I have work, while working for locally in the graphic department and as the file manager for a major billiard printing company.


Does your online business need to hire an experienced search engine optimization specialist? I have the ability to quickly analyze websites for important factors for internal SEO issues.

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I have been hired an technical SEO specialist and internet marketing consultant by Insyte Consulting Group in Medina, Ohio.
My focus is consulting about SEO related to the design of eCommerce based websites and business websites. My common sense practices help increase sales online and achieve better results at Google and other major search engines. For many  years I have been specializing in providing professional consulting services related to SEO, creating custom website evaluations, including details with outlined recommendations about how to repair code, as well as how to make content improvements related to SEO.

I'm an experienced SEO Expert and Creative Content Developer from Ohio. I have been hired as a SEO Specialist by Insyte Consulting Group.